I would definitely love Jay if he could be solitary

Although not you to come said i am able to know Krystina become jealous out-of Charlie because she may know this 1 time John Ross and you can Charlie has been drawn to both while they had gender

I really don’t imagine Charlie is actually romantically searching for John Ross and you will regardless of if she try i don’t consider she would you will need to meddle in his relationships.Together with as i printed someplace else i am wondering in case your chief point anywhere between Charlie and Krystina moving forward could well be Alex and never John Ross because they might differ concerning the most practical way so you’re able to help Alex.And additionally in the event that Alex converts to help you Krystina getting spirits and you will suggestions i coud get a hold of Charlie been envious and you may shopping for Alex to show so you’re able to the lady instead.For Charlie, there are many guys for the Dallas who are unmarried exactly who she may get involved with.Instance there can be Jay otherwise Brad.Together with i’m able to imagine this new fireworks when the Charlie had with it with Brad.

Bad, Alex, he will experience which harrowing experience having an effective long-time. One Craig people spells problems and you can Brad free Atheist dating got do not ela. She‘s the one who however truly cares from the your and you may she is really worth ideal regarding your. Even after the woman stress I don‘t believe Pamela will give upwards are Ceo you to definitely without difficulty. She belongs in the industry community while having needs something to work at.

This is sooo really worth the waiting! I’m very pleased Alex was family. Worst Dylan, regarding the clutches of this crazy bitch, Jasmine. She’s doing no good.

Last date I featured he had been relationships ADA Gail Edwards but We haven’t seen enough views of them so i do not know

ROTFLMAOI are laughing from the audacity of some of them people. Positively? Charlie getting back in between John Ross and you can Krystinas relationships? Charlie isn’t really the woman mother Jenna. This woman is perhaps not going to act hopeless for example the woman mommy is actually all of these many years whenever Bobby are that have Pam nowadays Ann. Charlie enjoys too-much respect to possess John Ross, and you may Krystinas letter fool from the a person that is currently drawn. Charlie is actually a beautiful, convinced, good, smart, and just really outgoing lady. You will see a number of males when you look at the Dallas for her. Now Brad concurrently, Absolutely in place of a shade off any doubt, hell no. The past Ewing girl you to got involved in your is Krystina and then he slept the girl to track down right back in the John Ross. I do not require Charlie to get involved in the one rubbish regarding him. She must value Alex additionally the rest of the girl members of the family. That’s all.

Brad is the stupidest people live. You and Adam Carrington walk out your way setting upwards John Ross while nevertheless for some reason rating blackmailed; just how? However are proper, Pamela is but one that truly cares about Brad even when perhaps not one to Craig son. I am not exactly an effective Pamela enthusiast but she deserves to be Ceo regarding Westar because she actually is been in the newest petroleum company this lady entire life. She is extremely knowledgeable, she’s hard, and you may wise. She can handle Wendell given that between Christopher, Cliff Barnes, Tripp McKay, and you will John Ross, she knows just how that it oil company is.

Sure April, Jasmine was in the place of a shadow off a doubt no good having somebody. Their nothing online game from revenge is certainly going too reasonable no matter if. Dylan has been doing nothing to Jasmine and you can she is torturing your inside and out.

The single thing I understand truth be told there ranging from John Ross, Krystina, and you may Charlie is how they will certainly finest help Alex. In reality which is a stunning problem to possess since the Alex enjoys many people one to care about him. Their mommy, father, stepfather, relative Justin, relative Christopher their sibling Lucas following discover Uncle Bobby. His grandmas Sue Ellen and you will Jenna with his Cousin Ann.


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